Air Cargo Solutions That Go The Distance

Metro Airlink provides a competitive line haul network of hubs across the United States, with a high frequency and capacity schedule to meet industry demand, using our air cargo solutions.


Skys the Limit

Send your cargo anywhere with Mero Airlinks' large network of destinations that cover the nation. With highly reliable arrival and departure times, we can assure your cargo arrives on time. 

Choose Metro Airlink and let our Air Cargo Experts handle the carriers, customs, compliance, and paperwork, assuring excellent quality throughout the distribution chain

Our Services

If your shipment cannot fly on a scheduled flight due to a tight deadline, it can be flown by our dedicated air charter service. You can count on Metro Airlink to arrange for the transportation of your cargo while our team provides superior customer service from the moment you call until your package reaches its final destination - every time.


Metro Airlink will keep you informed about the status of your shipment via your preferred method of communication on a regular basis.


For added peace of mind, all shipments are fully supervised and trackable throughout their voyage.


Metro Airlink offers supervised delivery of delicate, valuable, or time-sensitive cargo in a swift, secure, and traceable manner. Our dedicated onboard courier service is the most efficient and dependable mode of transportation, whether it's the hand-delivery of confidential documents or the delivery of critical car parts.


Metro Airlink can rapidly find a local courier with the requisite visa, guaranteeing that all consignments are delivered on time around the nation.